#INTERNERD presents a hell g. Experience: Back to the Future Screw – nu Mix online!!

My Dears,

its been again a while…. but now I’m back with a nu Mix!

As it is nearly Halloween here comes a slo-bangin’ and slightly spooky-haunted DJ-Set out of the #INTERNERD outlet – which means its always a bit ‘different‘ than other mixes.

This time I was in the mood to reanimate the good old chopped & screwed-times again with this layed down-low mixtape named ‘Back to the Future Screw‘ – Marty and the Doc couldn’t be wrong.. 😉

Enjoy nearly an hour of slowed-down and chopped & screwed dark, deep, bass-laden Post-Trap-Bleep-N-Bass-Tunes from the last decade!

Have fun!

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