How about some (sl)eazy listening??

CAUTION: this is adult material!
I recently discovered this mix – it´s the one & only mix I ever did under my alias
‘DJ SPAM’ and it was broadcasted live at an art-exhibition at the Alte Lederfabrik, Halle Westfalen in 2005.
the exhibition was named ‘Artcore’ and thematically it was all about sex, love, erotic & porn. 🙂

very cool fact bout this exhibition: they had installed speakers in each & every room inside the gallery so that the visitors were able to listen to this mix everywhere they walked – a sometimes awkward situation for some guests…

I also prepared some cd´s with this sick mix which were completely sold-out (!!!) by the lady on the pic above. 😉

this mix is not a dance mix – it features a total freestyle selection of tunes mixed up with explicit & sometimes effected noises & dialogues which thematically fitted perfect in this exhibition.

CAUTION: if you have a problem with sexual offensive stuff/content like moaning, groaning, sounds of lust & ecstasy and can´t handle sometimes ironic politically incorrectness, then please DON´T listen to this shit!!
otherwise have lots of fun & enjoy dem weekends! 😉

I ♥ Pr0n – Confessions of a Wanker (mixed by DJ SPAM)

p.s.: if you need the tracklist send me a message.

also check MySPAM

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