LOG4N 5 remixes PIXELORD! Free DL!!

Great news ahead, my dear readers:
Yes, it’s true – I had the great opportunity of remixing one of my favourite producers from the last couple of years and I’m talking about multifaceted moscow-based artist PIXELORD.

Pixelord (in real life: Alexey Devyanin) is one of the main leaders in moscows underground electronic scene, runs his own labelHyperboloid Records‘ and played the very first boiler room show in moscow, too.
meanwhile alex is also involved to work on the upcoming Star Wars soundtrack (yeah, you read right!). definitely an artists to keep both eyes on in future!

last year in december I met Alexey Devyanin (aka Pixelord) for the first time in real life – we booked him at our venue ‘Nr.z.P.‘ for a new event named ‘RE>>BOOT‘, which focusses mainly on futuristic contemporary bass music in all it’s variety.

the event was awesome, Alexey liked our club and the city and it was all cool vibes.
after showing each other our fresh self-made new tunes I asked him if he would like me to do a remix for one of his tracks from his album ‘Human.exe‘ (if you haven’t heard Human.exe until now, it’s about time to check out this masterpiece! check it >>HERE<<!). he agreed and chose ‘Gear Soul‘ for a remix, the epic opening track from ‘Human.exe’.

here’s what I did:
tho it is nearly impossible to simply remix this ouverture of a tune, I decided to take a complete different approach to the track. I sampled a few fragments from the original intro and startet playing around with it – meanwhile the maintempo changed from half to double-time and it all suddenly had some futuristic & breakie jazz vibes to it and went in an complete opposite mood like the original. then I decided to switch the overall vibe from light to dark with a breakdown. that’s the part when you recognize the original tune most –
and that’s also the point of no return. it rolls and shoves until the end when it finally collapses into some juke-inspired beats.

So, come and check it out – we decided to make it a free download for yalls. all you gonna do is give my alter-ego LOG4N 5 some love on soundcloud. thank u ❤

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