Something sensual

this week I need a smooth start – hope yall too!
I’m going to start this week with two special versions of a tune I did in 2003. that tune is called ‘skinonskin’ and it was unofficially released on my 2003/04 album ‘total consuming satisfaction’.

checkout the original ‘skinonskin’ >> HERE !

after posting preview-versions of ‘skinonskin’ in some audio-production-forums in the interwebs there was some nice resonance from people and one very special one.

it was at the ‘audiopimps’ forum where I virtually met chanteuse ‘Can’Tell’ – she loved ‘skinonskin’ very much and offered me her soulful vocals for that tune.
said & done: we did a nice interweb-collab on ‘skinonskin’ – enjoy the result!

hell g. – skinonskin (Original Vocalmix feat. Can’Tell)

but that wasn’t already all – after finishing the vocalversion I thought about how nice a remix would be. this time I wanted it more into a little faster direction and programmed some breaks/dnb beats. after layering some gated synths over the groove I added again Can’Tell´s vocals and I was blasted – it worked perfect together. so I added & layered instrument after instrument and completed a smooth & soulful drum & bass remix of ‘skinonskin’, featuring again the gorgeous vocals of miss ‘Can’Tell’.

hell g. – skinonskin (Remix feat. Can’Tell)

p.s.: I’m going to rerelease my album ‘total consuming satisfaction’ later this year on ‘$upra-Recordings’ – stay tuned – updates here asap!

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