Nu $upra Re-Release: DJ SPAM – Spamdemonium

back again with a brainshaking rerelease on $upra Recordings – this time it’s the long awaited sick n’ twisted longplayer ‘Spamdemonium‘ by our beloved juggernaut ‘DJ SPAM‘. 🙂

well, what can I say about this doped-out record? it’s not easy to describe what actually goes on here. soundwise be prepared for a brainbending psychedlic joyride thru samplewastelands and distorted dopebeat-battlefields, all flavoured up with heavy noisy industrial & illbient elements all over the place.

this album is definately nothing for weak nerves, neither can it be played as background music – it’s simply too much input for your senses.

but don’t be afraid: it’s of course listenable anyway, but more in an evil listening context. 😉

if you’re open-minded enough and interested in musical stylewars then ‘Spamdemonium‘ is a must-hear album for you!

check the teaser! VVVV

as a special gift for you there’s also one track available for free download – it’s a remix by myself of the track ‘back orifice v.5.0‘ – grab it below! VVV

you can preview/buy the whole album below and on Bandcamp

and of course on ithinkmusic.

thanks for purchasing/sharing!
enjoy ‘Spamdemonium’!


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