Nu $upra Release: Valera Igla – Fallout Feeling E.P.

tic toc – time for a nu $upra Release, the first one in 2012, and we’re kicking it off with the marvelous ‘Fallout Feeling E.P.‘ by Valera Igla.

Valera (some of you might know him as the guitarman of ‘7 Days Awake’) comes out with his first official solo release and it’s some kind of a border crossertimewise it’s definitly an E.P. (overall length around 30min), trackwise it’s nearly a longplayer (8 Tracks).

listeningwise it’s a cornucopia of bizarre sounds, sci-fi, doped grooves, haunting moods, cinematic atmosphere, surprising unpredictability and, uhm…ah…yes, blues of course. 🙂

everywhere it’s shimmering, the blues & also the psychedelic influences each single tune is soaked with.
valera enriched it with styles like f.e. dopebeats/dnb, breaks, dubstep/dub, industrial/noise, classic and experimental spices – best experienced when listening with headphones.

Fallout Feeling‘ could also be a possible soundtrack for a gloomy & sinister arthouse movie, but this might be pie in the sky? let’s all hope it’s not – or simply close your eyes while listening – the movie will appear directly on your cerebral cortex. 😉

valera did an awesome job and I’m very proud & happy that he releases ‘Fallout Feeling’ on my little label. valera was also part of ‘This is $upra – A Labelcompilation Vol.I‘ & ‘Vol.II‘.

checkout, listen & download ‘Fallout Feeling E.P.’ by Valera Igla on bandcamp VVVVV:

enjoy fallout! 😉

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