Last Call again!!

back on track with another last call – it’s again for a continuous mix & it’s named ‘Flight 3000‘.

this mix is now exactly 3 years old, as I did it in june 09 – time to sort it out! 😉

it start’s very weirdo funky and sun-soaked, getting more impulsive with every track, then lift’s up & warp’s into deep space.

featured artists in this mix are f.e. damn arms, bag raiders, soulwax, tiga, vega, siriusmo, digitalism, the pet shop boys, etc.

enjoy the mix & grab (rightclick on the link below & save as) it fast – it’s free!!

Flight 3000 – mixed by hell g.

p.s.: send a msg for the complete tracklist!

short note: content posted under the topic ‘Last Call‘ stays online one week for free download – after that the content will be deleted permanently!!

2 thoughts on “Last Call again!!

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