Happy Nu Year!!

nat2 hertz

its time to say goodbeye again…to a worn out 2k18..a year full of chances and changes…not only for the worse but for the better too..and its also time to say hello and welcome to a brighter 2k19 as we all want it to be for us!

Welcome the upcoming year with this nearly 9 year-old dj liveset I did in 2k10 at the Open Turntables at our beloved Campusradiostation Hertz 87,9 and enjoy a dancey melange of good old electroclash, indietronic, nu rave and house tunes!
I also created a new playlist on my mixlcoud named ‘Nostalgic Dj Sets’ where I’m going to post old Dj-Sets of mine in future. 😉

may yalls have a superb slide-into 2k19 !

all the best & rave on – cya next year! ❤

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